You Should Be Gardening

Anytime is a good time to start gardening.

If you are interested in trying it out, then nothing should stop you from doing so. You can start right away and reap the benefits from it immediately.

Overall, gardening can be an enriching activity, and there are so many things that you can get out of it. If you are still waiting to be convinced that gardening is the activity for you, then we have compiled here some of the top reasons why you should take it up:

One of the leading reasons why people take up gardening today is to get fresh food that is guaranteed safe. We hear so many reports of food that have been contaminated with fertilizers and pesticides, and we can't be sure now about the food that we eat. The best and safest way is to grow your own in a garden.

Another top reason why you should take up gardening is that it can provide you with an excellent exercise. It offers a unique opportunity to work outdoors and get some physical workout done. It can give you a good cardio workout, what with all the work that you have to do.

Some people garden for the simple aim of making their places look more beautiful. Having a garden in your property can enhance the way that it seems. You can choose to make your site look more elegant and expensive by creating a beautiful garden.

Gardening can also give you a lot of knowledge of the practical kind. You can probably know the same things by reading, but by learning from gardening, you would have a better grasp of things by having experienced it first-hand.

You could also start gardening to earn some money. There are many expensive plants that you could begin to cultivate and sell to others to generate some income. You can also do some landscaping by starting with your yard.

Gardening is a creative activity that can be very rewarding on its own. For some people, the simple process of creating a garden is rewarding enough already. They need some form of the outlet where they could vent their creative spirit.

There are some people who do gardening because they find it to be very relaxing, and it helps them to relieve a significant amount of the stress that they feel each day. Some people say that no hobby is as relaxing as gardening.

To some people who love vegetables, gardening can be a way to have a supply of vegetables that are generally not being sold in groceries. There would be no other way for them to get an amount of that vegetable except for them to plant them in their vegetable plot.

These are just some of the factors why you should start doing gardening now. Each one of us has our reason for taking up this activity, but these are the most usual reasons why people do so.

More Reasons Why Gardening is Must

In those later years of life, especially those in assisted living, fear of leading an unfortunate phase due to social isolation. Of course, living at some new place with unfamiliar faces, it is no less than a challenge! It can lead to more significant anxiety, also stress levels. Plus, it can be, at times, confusing and even hard to find happiness or comfort.

So, in such a case, to help people find relief and solace, introduce them to gardening!

While the benefits of gardening are plenty, for a parent, however, the benefits are essential. While it can help them maintain an independent lifestyle, this act as an excellent supplement to assisted living and memory care services.

Let's find out how gardening enhances senior loved ones live in different ways:

A Sense of Accomplishment

Having a purpose of living makes you feel best about life. And it is no different for any age group. With the growing age, one starts losing abilities and competencies. When you introduce them to gardening, they find a great way to feel something which they can accomplish. You will be amazed to see how proud they will think of their garden!

Stimulates Mental Health

As gardening calls for engaging your mind, the desired outcomes are amazing. Indeed, this requires patience as they had to wait for plants and vegetables to grow. Moreover, they will also learn new things, which boosts mental state. With an opportunity to keep learning more, it keeps their mind engaged, which further reduces the effects of dementia.

Decreases Stress

It is common to lose control of your life at times. Such a situation can be very confusing and stressful for the parent. However, when busy with gardening, they find a great way to ease stress. It is all about spending time with nature which is peaceful and relaxing. Plus, it helps them in fighting the effects of depression and anxiety.

Boosts Activity

You already know how important it is for the parents to remain physically active. With gardening, they get a great way to encourage muscle use and movement. So, you can expect a noticeable increase in their strength, flexibility, and mobility.

Great Nutrition

It turns out to be a cost-effective source of vegetables which can be used for their meal preparation. While they enjoy nutrient-dense foods, it will help promote a balanced diet and overall good health. Along with this, when working outdoors, they get better exposure to more vitamin D intake. So, it is a win-win situation.

Top Reasons Why You Need Gardening Services For Your House.

It has been seen that property owners with a great looking garden in front of your their house tend to stay happy and pleased with their home. It is a desire for most homeowners to have a healthy and tasty looking garden where they spend some quality time, and that makes their house looks even more beautiful. Most people do not even realize the impact that an edible garden has on their lives. This is why homeowners need to have a clean yard. While many do it on their own, others can hire garden services Cambridge. Here are some of the top reasons why you need to make sure that your garden is clean.

It Increases the Value of your Property

Most homeowners want to sell their house at the home point of time to move to a bigger and a better place. By having a clean and well-maintained garden, they can get a much better price for your homes. By hiring a gardening service, homeowners can make sure that their garden is always well maintained and looks as good as possible at all times. When the garden looks good, it immediately elevates the look of your house to a great extent. It also makes the house look more inviting, helping you get a much better deal than what you had imagined. Some of the most areas that prospective buyers look at are the living room, kitchen, bathrooms and the front yard and back yard. If any of these are not well maintained, you might get much less value than you expect.

Avoid Stress

Today, most people are busy with either their personal life, professional life or both. There are several ways one can avoid the stress and one that way is to look at their well-maintained garden and yard every morning with a cup of coffee in their hand. Hiring a gardening service can not only help take that stress away from you, but you do not have to do much to maintain a great looking garden all by yourself.

Get More Freedom

When you hire a gardening service, you get more free time doing things that you love. People who try and maintain their garden on their own have to spend several hours to clean their yard and ensuring that the landscape looks the way it should look. Thus, garden services can free up many hours for the homeowner by maintaining their garden for them. People can spend this free time spending quality time with their family or going on family trips.

Avoiding Buying Tools and types of equipment

By hiring garden services, you will not have to spend money on equipment that is needed to take care of your garden. Most of the garden service providers come with their equipment and gardening tools. This is also helpful since you do not have to spend time on cleaning and maintaining the equipment that can add a few extra hours of work for you.

Moreover, you may also try the indoor gardening wherein you will place some plants in transparent planters and hang them in your veranda or windows to serve as a decoration. It will be a lot of fun to nurture some living plants inside your home. Not only that it will make your home attractive, but it will also help you sense some degree of gladness as you watch the plants growing day by day. You will be inspired to continue planting more plants and feel the happiness that goes with it.

One of my most favorite places to be is in my garden. Everyday I go outside sit on my porch with a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy this beautiful space. 

Merlin the oak tree is standing tall with his strong branches guarding my home.  The trees are sharing their leaves with mother earth and new vibrant leaves are grown.  Birds are chirping and finding breakfast or sometimes gathering some twigs for their nest.  Bees are buzzing. Butterflies are flying. Squirrels are running along the fence lines, hoping across the roof tops and running across the cables. 

In the distant I usually hear an owl and every so often a woodpecker is some where around.   The sun rises in the east and the rays shine through Merlin’s branches.   In the evening the sun goes down creating the golden hour and everything starts to glow.  A fire can be made in the fire pit for all to enjoy, for a little warmth, good conversation and making s’mores.  I set up a tent and friends come over and we sleep under the full moon.  

I am surrounded by all the elements and beautiful plants.  It all started with just a few plants here and there and then a few more and then so on and so forth and then creating a space for them to be. I take care of them and they take care of me.  Some are just for their beautiful flowers.  Some just have some fancy leaves. Some are to eat. Some are for their fruit.  Some are for the medicine.   There are many reasons why one might love their garden. 

Top ten reasons why Janice Neuzil gardens:

1. Creating a beautiful space that she gets to enjoy everyday
2. Brings joy to other people
3. Growing her own food
4. Growing her own medicine plants
5. Janice enjoys pretty flowers (lots of colors)
6. She never knows what she's going to find
7. Growing plants that produce flowers, fruits and seeds that can be planted again and again.
8. The fresh air
9. She feels a great peace and happiness when in her garden
10. Gardening connects Janice to everything that she loves

Janice Neuzil | Derek Wolf
Ⓒ copyright Derek Wolf 2020, all rights reserved.

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