Tai Chi

What is Tai Chi?

There is much more to Tai Chi than you can see.

It's an art, a hobby, and a lifestyle that often turns out to be the inner missing piece that people were looking for.
In today's world, where we rarely find the time for staying calm and mindful to learn more about ourselves, so we could also learn how to deal with others, the importance of such mindful practices is more noticeable than ever before.

The extraordinary thing about tai chi is the fact that is available to anyone, regardless of age, race, gender, or background. Tai Chi is aesthetically pleasing, easy, and enjoyable to practice. It can be a meditation and an integral exercise for all parts of the body and the mind. It brings tranquility to your life and helps you clear the mind.

Some people do it for balance, arthritis, fibromyalgia, for toning their body, or as a quiet time that allows them to feel better and stronger before facing the world.
If you're not quite familiar with tai chi, you may be wondering how does it look and feel to be a part of the practice. Watching someone doing tai chi is like sitting at the beach and watching the seagulls floating in the air as they drift by you.

The motions are powerful but calm and you can't help yourself but wonder how amazing it would be to have such strength, stability, and power in your body in mind. Tai Chi is the connection that aligns all parts of your being - your body, mind, and spirit. And you know what? It is something that doesn't have an expiration date. It is something that you can do for the rest of your life.

How does Tai Chi improve the quality of life?

The art of Tai Chi is embracing the mind, body, and spirit. Tai Chi was developed out of China thousands of years ago. Although it's an art with a great depth of knowledge and skill, there is no need to be discouraged and to think about it as a great practice that only skilled and experienced people can benefit from. Everyone can learn Tai Chi and everyone can deliver all the health benefits very quickly. For many, it continues as a lifetime journey.

Numerous studies show tai chi improves muscle strength and flexibility.

It is a great form of fitness that improves your immune system, relieves pain, and can drastically improve the quality of one's life. The ancient practice is considered probably the most effective exercise for your entire well-being that you can enjoy and do for the rest of your life.

Tai Chi  is a form of fitness that is important for the overall function of your heart, lungs, and muscles. Once you start practicing, you will notice the changes in your body balance. It helps in the movements of emphasizing weight and it will also help to strengthen your core. Your body is the reflection of your lifestyle and it's your home in which you are living. Just like you want your home to stay stable and safe, you should look at your body in the same way. Tai Chi will help you with your flexibility which enables you to move around more easily and will facilitate circulation of your body fluids and blood which enhances healing.

You want to make sure that your movements, stability, core strength, and overall health are serving you in your current living situation.

How often do you feel tired and overwhelmed? Can you even remember when was the last time you felt energized? Whether you are aware of the fact or not, feeling stressed or anxious is an alarm that your body and mind send to warn you that something is wrong.
But it's often quite hard to know what to change when we're not sure what it is that we are doing wrong in the first place. When you start practicing tai chi, your focus will become better through mindful body movements that will give you insight into your feelings and inner strength. And that's where the change begins.

Let Tai Chi take you on your inner journey

Even if you still don't feel quite sure if Tai Chi will work for you with your busy daily schedule, think about starting just for 10 minutes a day, and you can incorporate more practice and your style once you get more familiar with it. Once you realize how uplifting it is to feel energized, strong, and calm, you will want to explore where the journey will take you.

With Tai Chi you are building inner strength from the inside out therefore you can continue to develop at any age. People well into their 90s are doing Tai Chi and at an early age as well. There are even children that are learning to walk along with practicing basic movements of Tai Chi.

With constant practice, you'll be able to feel the internal energy (qi ),
Then you can convert that internal force, the (jing ), and use it to generate more internal energy.

There are many forms of Tai Chi available so you can choose a suitable Tai Chi for you and which adds a lot of fun to the whole story. It's like coming to a candy shop and having the opportunity to choose your favorite ones without having any kind of limitation.

There are many different styles, like one for energy, one for arthritis, one for fibromyalgia, and even one that will help you sleep better. You could, for example, do one style in the morning to start your day right, and do another style of Tai Chi in the evening, to end your day in a calm and relaxing way. Explore different styles and play with them, so you could see what works best for you. We are all individuals and each style brings our whole being to the surface, so there is no need for comparisons. Find the practices you enjoy most, start from there and see where it will take you.

Tai Chi - a gentle way to fight stress

Did you know tai chi was created on nature and harmony?

The gentle flowing movements contain inner power that strengthens the body, improves mental balance, and brings better health and harmony to your life and the lives of others.
How many times have you tried to fix a problem and it just got worse?

Or you tried to find more time for yourself and your loved ones but it seems like time is just passing by and you don't know how to manage it. Tai Chi will learn you how to fight those things gently. To be able to run after your goals, passions, and dreams, you need to learn how to stop, be mindful, and present. If you don't check in with yourself regularly, the world will dictate the rules and will force you to live your life by their terms.

Tai chi offers different directions, styles, and techniques, so everyone can find their unique way of finding strength and peace within the practices.

There are many styles and forms of tai chi and some of the most popular are:

Chen, Yang,

Wu, Wu (different words in Chinese)


Each style has its features, but all styles share the same essential principles. Start by choosing one style and once you feel comfortable and confident with it, you can upgrade your skills and start exploring other styles as well. The amazing thing about tai chi is that all styles are in a wave with the same types of moves.

If you're still not quite sure how to start and it all seems too complicated, here are some essential principles. You can use them as a cheat sheet in the beginning, before you get completely comfortable and familiar with it.

Connect your body

Control your movements and breathing

Create an internal energy

Concentrate on mindfulness

Learn to focus on the life energy within us and let it flow smoothly through your body

Learning how to have total harmony of your inner and outer self - that's the practice of Tai Chi.
You will notice as you go further along in your Tai Chi practice that you'll discover tranquility almost as if you're moving between different worlds.

Time becomes irrelevant and the given moment is all there is. You will leave your house in the morning feeling rested and connected to yourself before facing your challenges and after you tackle your day, you will start finding the time for reconnecting in the evening. Something you probably rarely did before. It's a spiritual experience that your mind and body follow.

If you're worried that you'll never be able to learn all the moves, I have good news for you. Not a single person in the world knows all the moves of Tai Chi. The only important thing is to learn different poses of Tai Chi that work for you. Remember, it's just your journey and you are choosing the right way for you. How great is that!

If you would like to give it a try, we, at the Wolf Wellness Foundation have videos that you can watch and follow along with for a wonderful daily practice of tai chi. Welcome to join us!

Wolf Wellness Foundation.org

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